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Basic Information

(I) Introduction

Name: Bawangling got its name from the cry of black bears, the regular visitor of the area, whose growl resembles the bark of dogs, literally “Ba” in local dialect. In 1997, the local forestry authority changed the name Bawang “坝王” into today’s Bawang “霸王”. In August 2020, the Bawangling Branch of the Management Office of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park was established on the basis of the former Hainan Bawangling Forestry Bureau (Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve Administration) and Hainan Houmiling Forest Farm (Hainan Houmiling Provincial Nature Reserve Management Station). It is a division-level state-financed public welfare institution under the Forestry Department of Hainan Province, and it consists of 12 management stations and 29 management sections.

Location & Area: The Bawangling branch (108°55'E-109°17'E, 18°48′N-19°12′N) ) is located in the southwest of Hainan Island, covering a total area of 211,687 acres. It borders Baisha County to the north and east, Changjiang County to the west, and Dongfang City to the south.

(II) Travel Time

Visitors can experience the distinct beauty of the park all year round. During the rainy season (May-October), it is sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. You are advised to bring everything you need. The best time to admire the beauty of kapok is between February and March.

(III) Rates

RMB 50


Bawang Mountain is conveniently accessible by the Haikou-Yulin (West) Highway, West and Central Hainan Ring Expressway and Hainan Roundabout Railway. It is 26 kilometers from Shilu Town of Changjiang County. It takes about two and a half hours from Bawang Mountain to Haikou (214 kilometers apart) by the West Hainan Ring Expressway, and about 3 hours to Sanya (238 kilometers apart). Coaches departing from Haikou West Station to Bawang Mountain are available every day. Bus services from Shilu Town to the forest park are also offered to visitors.

1. Yajia Scenic Area: 7 km from the Bawang Mountain Culture Town and consisting of different themed wooden walkways.

2. Baishi Pond Scenic Area: 11 km from the Bawang Mountain Culture Town and connected with wooden walkways.

3. Kapok Scenic Area: viewing platforms available within the 5 kilometers of the park.

4. Wangxia Underground Cave: 26 km from the Bawang Mountain Culture Town and boasting picturesque Karst landscapes.


(I) Yajia Scenic Area

Along the three walkways in the scenic area, visitors can enjoy the cascading 30-meter wide Yajia Falls dropping from the height of 150 meters, or rest in the ecological Yajia resort (conference) center.

(II) Baishi Pond Scenic Area

Each step on the wooden walkway can guide you into a different world of natural beauty.  


Local specialties such as Bawang Mountain pheasants, fried eggs, five-legged pigs and wild vegetables are the top priority of order.


Yajia Hotel and Rainforest Station, Rainforest House and Kapok Inn at the foothill are good choices for lodging.


Five themed routes are designed as follows in accordance with the nature and focus of the park, the features of tourism products, as well as the actual conditions and planning guidelines of the forest park.

1. Tropical rainforest sightseeing tour (1-2 days)

Highlights: Rainforest sightseeing, mountain climbing and hiking.

Route: Sightseeing from four wooden walkways.

2. Forest recreation and leisure tour (2-3 days)

Highlights: Leisure fun, forest walk, forest bathing, forest yoga, forest Tai Chi and food therapy.

Route: Yajia Hotel -- Health Walkway -- Forest Fun (take forest bath, do yoga and play Tai Chi in the forest) -- Dining in the Bawang Mountain Food Village and Yajia Forest Recreation Center.

3. Forest outdoor adventure tour (1-2 days)

Highlights: Stream adventure and camping

Route: Sanji power station -- Wuli Bridge -- Qicha River (forest adventure and backpacking) -- Jingu Mountain (rainforest hiking) -- Dongyi Forest (camping).

4. Kapok or Mango Festival tour (1 day)

Highlights: Admire kapok or mango trees

Route: Local towns, hills, fields and villages. 

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1. Do not pick or collect plant specimens. Do not carve tree bark or stone. Do not catch or intimidate wild animals (insects). No littering.

2. No climbing. Please stay away from the edge of the walkways without protective guard.

3. Camping and other outdoor activities are not allowed.

4. Take enough clothes to keep warm as temperature varies widely from day to night in the reserve.

6. Children and the elderly must be accompanied by families. Carry a travel medicine kit just in case.

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