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Basic Information

(I) Introduction

It's said that the trees were very luxuriant in DiaoLuo Shan in ancient times. However, the local people burned the mountains to grow grains and recklessly utilized the forest resources, irritating the god. Then the god ordered not to locally offer any rainfall for three years as a punishment. As a result, the ground was baked, the crops were withered, and ordinary persons lived miserably. In order to save the fellow villagers, Nanxi, a brave and industrious young man from Miao Nationality, passed through all trials and finally climbed to the top of Sanjiao Shan at the height of 1,499 meters. He threw himself upon his knees for seven days and nights in exchange for the sacred gong that might summon rain from the god. "Xiaomei", the daughter of the god, was moved by the righteousness and complete sincerity of Nanxi, took the sacred gong from the god by strategy, descended to the world and hung the sacred gong in the highest tree in the stockaded village together with Nanxi, and beat the gong to summon rain. Afterward, wind and rain have come on time year after year, and the ground has recovered as beautiful as before. That's why it is called DiaoLuo Shan. There are also many places named in connection with this myth of ecological civilization, such as Nanxi River, Xiaomei Reservoir, Seven Fairies Waterfall, and the Sisters Waterfall.

(II) Travel Time

Visitors can experience the distinct beauty of the park all year round. During the rainy season (May-October), it is sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. You are advised to bring everything you need.

(III) Rates

RMB 35


The Diaoluo Mountain National Forest Park enjoys very convenient transportation. It is 217 kilometers from Haikou City, 88 kilometers from Sanya City, and only 20 kilometers from Lingshui exit of the East Hainan Highway and the high-speed railway station. Bus services from Lingshui County to the forest park are available.

1. Fengguoshan Falls Scenic Area: 18 km from the park gate, about 30 minutes’ drive.

2. Shiqing Falls Scenic Area: 12 km from the park gate, about 20 minutes’ drive.

3. Diaoluo Mountain Resort: 18 km from the park gate, about 30 minutes’ drive.

    4. Xiaomei Lake Scenic Area: 17 km from the park gate, about 30 minutes’ drive. 


(I) Fengguoshan Falls

Fengguoshan waterfalls are known as the largest of their kind in Hainan, just 18 kilometers from the management office of the park. Located in the middle of the Rainbow Valley and falling at more than ten levels of height, they stretch 1.5 kilometers long with a drop of 350 meters and a width of 30 meters. The spectacular scenery of rainbow passing through the waterfalls is one of the must-sees in the region. The waterfalls are also surrounded by dense tropical rainforest and the gurgling brook in the valley.

  (II) Shiqing Falls

Shiqing Falls are located near the park’s management office, just 12 kilometers from the main road that leads to the Diaoluo Mountain Resort.  Slow the car and you can feast your eyes with elegant, cascading waterfalls and the crystal-like pool.

(III) Tuonanri Falls

Tuonanri Falls are situated in the upper reaches of the Xiaomei Lake. The name “Tuonanri” refers to “fairy” in the local Miao language, indicating the lovely views of waterfalls. They are also known as “White Peacock Falls”, with a drop of 80 meters. The waterfalls are exceptionally attractive for the youth.

(Ⅳ) Xiaomei Lake

With a vast area of 7,000 mu, the Xiaomei Lake is surrounded by green hills and winding paths. On the blue waters, there are 13 islands of different sizes. The gorges on the west of the lake extend for thousands of meters and enjoy the reputation as the “Small Three Gorges” in Hainan.

(Ⅴ) Diaoluo Mountain Tropical Rainforest

Diaoluo Mountain has a large area of lowland rainforest and mysterious rainforest ecosystem composed of old trees and giant vines. The elegantly shaped Cyathea can be seen everywhere, together with stranglers, air garden, giant trees and flowers growing from old stems that are typically found in tropical rainforests. The park is a huge museum of tropical rainforest resources and also a natural classroom for science popularization, scientific research and adventures.

(Ⅵ) Diaoluo Mountain Resort (former Xin’an Forestry)

Diaoluo Mountain Resort is the highest-altitude resort in Hainan (900 meters) and covers an area of 200 mu. Tucked away by a natural lake, the resort is an ideal summer resort where you can experience the magical jungle, gaze into the wide lake and distant mountains, listen to the songs played by birds and insects, and take part in outdoor activities or high-end meetings.


Shanlan rice wine, five-legged pig, Lingshui sour rice noodles and wild vegetables are perfect choices for visitors.


Diaoluo Mountain Resort on the mountain and family-run hotels at the foothill are at your choices.


(I) One-day waterfall tour

Diaoluo Mountain Culture Town -- Xiaomei Reservoir -- Sister Falls -Tuonanri Falls -- Diaoluo Mountain Culture Town -- Fengguoshan Falls

(II) One-day rainforest culture tour

Diaoluo Mountain Culture Town -- Diaoluo Mountain Valley (listening to the springs) -- Science Education Base - Observation Platform (grass and trees thriving) --Diaoluo Mountain Resort -- Miao King’s Tomb --Sacred Tree

Explore Rainforest

1. Do not pick or collect plant specimens. Do not carve tree bark or stone. Do not catch or intimidate wild animals (insects). No littering.

2. No climbing. Please stay away from the edge of the walkways without protective guard.

3. Camping and other outdoor activities are not allowed.

4. Take enough clothes to keep warm as temperature varies widely from day to night in the reserve.

5. Children and the elderly must be accompanied by families. Carry a travel medicine kit just in case.

6. All outdoor activities are prohibited in extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms, heavy fog, thunderstorms and strong winds.

7. No flammable objects inside.

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